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Review: Sony XBR65X900E

This is a review of the Sony XBR65X900E. The defining characteristic of the Sony XBR65X900E is quite possibly its full-array local dimming backlight, especially when you consider than this type of backlight architecture is rarely encountered outside the realm of flagship LCD TVs (and even they don’t always use it, as is the case with Read More

Review: Sony XBR75X940E (X940E)

This is a review of the Sony XBR75X940E, which is the sole member of the X940E series. Just like the model it supersedes, the XBR75X940E comes in the 75-inch class, and features a full-array local dimming backlight. In terms of number of local dimming zones, the XBR75X940E sits between the Z9D and X900E series, albeit Read More

Review: Sony XBR65X930E

The intent of this review is to evaluate the Sony XBR65X930E, which is the 65-inch class model from the X930E series. Given that the XBR65X930E uses the Slim Backlight Drive+, it’d be particularly interesting is to see how this advanced form of edge-array backlight system has evolved since its debut on the XBR65X930E’s predecessor. The Read More

Review: Sony XBR75X900E

The subject of this review is the Sony XBR75X900E, which is the 75-inch class model from the X900E series. The stand-out feature of the XBR75X900E is arguably the full-array local dimming backlight. Normally this type of LED arrangement is reserved for flagship models (such as the XBR75X940E), which makes the XBR75X900E even more interesting for Read More

Review: OLED55B7P (vs OLED55B6P)

In addition to assessing the LG OLED55B7P, this review is intended at pointing out differences between the OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P. The 55-inch class model in the B7 series of LG OLED TVs is the OLED55B7P. Its projected release date is in the second quarter of 2017. The peak brightness on the OLED55B7P is up to Read More