Review: LG OLED65C7P (C7)

This is a review of the LG OLED65C7P, which is the 65-inch class model from the C7 series. Although the OLED65C7P doesn’t have some of the premium design features and enhanced audio of the higher end models in this year’s LG OLED line-up, it uses the same OLED panel, so no compromises are made with Read More

Review: OLED55E7P (vs OLED55E6P)

The goal of this LG OLED55E7P review is to not only evaluate the 55-inch class model from the E7 series, but also to emphasize differences between the OLED55E7P and OLED55E6P. They both are OLED TVs, and are members of the E7 and E6 series, respectively. Both models use the Picture-on-Glass design, so they have the Read More

Review: LG OLED65W7P

The focus of the following LG OLED65W7P review is to investigate and catalog differences between the OLED65W7P and OLED65G7P. Both models carry the title of LG SIGNATURE OLED TV. They have identical picture quality but a fundamentally different design. The Picture-On-Glass approach of the OLED65G7P is taken a step further on the OLED65W7P, and it’s Read More

Review: OLED65G7P (vs OLED65G6P)

The purpose of the following LG OLED65G7P review is to establish whether there are any changes on the OLED65G7P vs OLED65G6P. The 65-inch class model in the G7 series of LG OLED TVs is called OLED65G7P. While the OLED65G6P was the lone LG SIGNATURE OLED TV last year, the OLED65G7P shares this title with the Read More

Review: OLED65B7P vs OLED65B6P

The main objective of this LG OLED65B7P review is to underline the differences between the OLED65B7P and OLED65B6P. The former is the 65-inch class model in the B7 series of the LG OLED range this year. The projected OLED65B7P release date is in the second quarter of 2017. The OLED65B7P has a brightness increase of Read More