OLED55B7A vs OLED55C7P: Differences only in aesthetics & sound/decoding

The difference between the OLED55B7A vs OLED55C7P is limited to their design and sound. The OLED55B7A and OLED55C7P have the same picture quality, owing to the identical OLED panel used in both TVs. Design: Silver Bezel (OLED55B7A) vs Black Bezel (OLED55C7P); Clear and Black Plastic Stand (OLED55B7A) vs Silver Aluminum Stand (OLED55C7P) The OLED55C7P has Read More

Review: QN65Q9F, QN75Q9F (Samsung Q9F)

The flagship Samsung Q9F series comes in three screen sizes: the 65-inch QN65Q9F, the 75-inch QN75Q9F and the 88-inch QN88Q9F class model. Being part of the Samsung’s QLED range this year, the Q9F series TVs have the spectrum of their LED backlight enhanced by quantum dots. Even though that the QN65Q9F (and the two bigger Read More

XBR65A1E vs OLED65C7P (Sony A1E vs LG OLED)

The differences between the Sony XBR65A1E and LG OLED65C7P are mainly concentrated in video processing, sound capabilities and design. However, the XBR65A1E and OLED65C7P also differ in how they implement the Automatic Brightness Limiter, and track the PQ (Perceptual Quantizer) curve with HDR10 signals. Design: One Slate (Sony XBR65A1E) vs Blade Slim (LG OLED65C7P) The Read More

Review: LG 65SJ8500 (vs 65UH8500)

This review is focused on the LG 65SJ8500, which is a third generation LG Super UHD TV. The LG 65SJ8500 is the 65-inch class model from the SJ8500 series. It uses a nano cell technology, meaning the quantum dots are embedded in the LCD panel cells. This is possible due to the diameter of the Read More