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Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 vs MU8000 Review (QN82Q6FNAFXZA vs UN82NU8000FXZA; QN75Q6FNAFXZA vs UN75NU8000FXZA; QN65Q6FNAFXZA vs UN65NU8000FXZA)

The Q6FN and NU8000 differ mainly in terms of the DCI-P3 color volume (which leads to a certain variation in the color saturation with HDR content, especially during bright scenes), their picture engine (which has an effect on the upscaling and SDR to HDR upconvertion, however slight), and design (the table top stand and the Read More

Samsung Q9FN vs Q8FN Review (QN65Q9FN vs QN65Q8FN; QN75Q9FN vs QN75Q8FN)

The Q9FN and Q8FN differ mainly in the number of local dimming zones (which causes their peak brightness and contrast ratio to be different as well), design (besides the different table top stand that is included, there is a certain distinction in terms of whether they’re compatible with other optional Samsung stands or not), the Read More

LG B8 vs C8 Review (OLED65B8PUA vs OLED65C8PUA; OLED55B8PUA vs OLED55C8PUA)

The B8 and C8 differ in their processing capabilities, picture enhancements techniques (mainly low bitrate content is affected, though), the number of color data points in their internal Cube (3D) LUTs (look-up tables), the screen sizes they comes in (only the C8 has a 77-inch class model). 1. Different processor (Alpha 7 vs Alpha 9) Read More