LG LM8600 vs LA8600

As one might expect, this year’s flagship model from LG that goes under the moniker of LA8600 has plenty of new features compared to its predecessor, with the most notable being the retractable built-in camera and the NFC (Near-field communication) functionality with the help of which an instant wireless connection with TV can be established once you tap any compatible phone/tablet to the NFC sticker tag (if you’re using it for the first time, you will prompted to install the appropriate applications before proceeding any further). MiraCast is another new addition to the 2013 model that allows for streaming 1080p video content and 5.1-channel audio to the TV but unlike some other screencasting tools that can also work over regular Wi-Fi connection,┬áit relies on Wi-Fi Direct to function. More of the improvements that have been made to current top-tier device are as follows:

  • The Magic Remote gets an upgrade in the form of an improved voice recognition dubbed Voice Mate capable of detecting natural language.
  • The audio power output is slightly increased on the LA8600 (you get 4 additional watts) and there is a subwoofer which its counterpart from the last year lacks.
  • The Home Dashboard on the current model has been updated to version 3.0 which brings a new category called “Game World” and minor interface tweaks such as redesigned icons.
  • On the other hand, the LM8600 comes with six pairs of polarized 3D glasses while its successor with only four.

Other than that, they both are equipped with the Triple XD Engine, which is a picture enhancement suite with tools for bettering the contrast and color performance as well as to removing noise from the picture. Another thing they have in common is the panel native refresh rate of 240Hz.