LG C8 vs C7 (OLED65C8PUA vs OLED65C7P; OLED55C8PUA vs OLED65C7P)

One of the main differences between the C8 and C7 is the enhanced processing capability on the C8 which allows the C8 to utilize more sophisticated picture quality enhancement techniques in comparison to the C7 in addition to running the AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ system for providing intelligent voice control not only for the TV Read More

Sony X850F vs X900F Review

The Sony X850F vs X900F differences are mainly found in the backlight type (which has an effect on the screen uniformity), picture processor (determines the quality of upscaling based on whether it can perform dual database or only a single database processing as well as whether Dolby Vision is supported or not), dynamic range (reveals Read More

Sony X900F vs X930E (XBR65X900F vs XBR65X930E; XBR55X900F vs XBR55X930E)

The Sony X900F and X930E differ mainly in their backlight structure, dynamic range, motion technology, sound, design, and smart TV system version. 1. Different backlight structure (Full-array backlight vs Slim Backlight Drive+) The X900F uses a full-array backlight whereas the X930E has a Slim Backlight Drive+. The difference is that the LEDs are spaced evenly Read More