Sony X850E vs X900E: Different backlight type & resulting implications for the Picture Quality

The main difference between the X850E and X900E is their backlight type which is Edge LED on the X850E whereas the X900E has a Direct LED (Full-Array Local Dimming backlight in particular). In contrast, the X850E can only perform frame dimming with its Edge LED backlight. There are several implications for the picture quality emanating Read More


The difference between the OLED55B7A vs OLED55C7P is limited to their design and sound. The OLED55B7A and OLED55C7P have the same picture quality, owing to the identical OLED panel used in both TVs. Design: Silver Bezel (OLED55B7A) vs Black Bezel (OLED55C7P); Stand with support column and flat base (OLED55B7A) vs Trapezium Stand (OLED55C7P) The trapezium Read More


The LG OLED65B7A and OLED65C7P have identical picture quality, meaning that the difference between the OLED65B7A and OLED65C7P is due to their design and audio capabilities. The two LG OLED TVs come in the 65-inch class, and are part of the B7A and C7P series, respectively. Design: OLED65B7A and OLED65C7P have different stands; the bezel Read More

XBR65A1E vs OLED65C7P (Sony A1E vs LG OLED)

The differences between the Sony XBR65A1E and LG OLED65C7P are mainly concentrated in video processing, sound capabilities and design. However, the XBR65A1E and OLED65C7P also differ in how they implement the Automatic Brightness Limiter, and track the PQ (Perceptual Quantizer) curve with HDR10 signals. Design: One Slate (Sony XBR65A1E) vs Blade Slim (LG OLED65C7P) The Read More